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Leadership Development

Mountain States Health Alliance is dedicated to continually identifying, developing and supporting leaders within the system who will pursue the mission, vision and values; and to sharing leadership development expertise with external organizations. Mountain States defines leadership as the ability to envision ways of “bringing loving care to health care,” by setting priorities, achieving goals and structuring an environment in which Team Members and patients are able to achieve their maximum potential. The Mountain States Leadership Academy offers the following classes:

Managing at MSHA: Operational Classes

Nurse with female patientThrough "Managing at MSHA: Operational Classes," leaders are able to obtain information about how specific processes work within our organization. This equips them to utilize key resources with efficiency and proficiency. Areas of training include: Financial Procedures, Project: SAFETYfirst, Human Resources, Information Systems, Cultural Diversity, Quality Improvement, Service Excellence, Using Blueprints, Purchasing and Corporate Compliance. Key leaders from these areas support this training by developing the curriculum and teaching the classes.

Managing at MSHA: Leadership Foundations Series

This series of classes works to enhance communication effectiveness throughout all Mountain States disciplines to provide the foundation for excellence in Patient-Centered Care. The integration of leadership development and leadership systems as one is a critical initiative with improved bottom-line results made possible through increased effectiveness in addressing both technical and people issues. Increased networking skills are taught to enable Mountain States leaders to improve their abilities to make important and lasting connections with relevant partners and to enhance teamwork throughout the organization.

Advisory Board Company Workshops

The Advisory Board Company provides valuable in-services for Mountain States leaders through the Nursing Leadership Academy and the Performance Leadership Academy. The Advisory Board Company provides best practice research and analysis to Mountain States leaders, focusing on business strategy, operations and general management issues. The Advisory Board Academies offer access to more than 40 independent study modules through the healthcare services edition of Harvard ManageMentor Plus. This allows participants access to focused tutorials across a diverse range of topics; and each one encompasses an array of common challenges faced by managers in a healthcare setting.

Mountain States Leadership Forums

The Mountain States Leadership Forums bring leaders together from across the system for a full day of training. The sessions are intended to be enjoyable learning experiences for our leaders, offering them the ability to network and collaborate with Team Members from other areas. Topics are chosen from the list of Leader Competencies by the Leadership Advisory Committee to align with the most current needs of Mountain States.

Mountain States Mentor Training

Experienced leaders from across the system will be trained to serve as mentors and share their knowledge with new leaders. The mentor program will help our learning professionals gain valuable feedback on initiatives. Mentoring is key for hiring the best professionals and retaining a talented workforce. In fact, many high-level professionals feel that they would not have achieved their career objectives without mentors to guide them. A mentor provides insight, serves as a confidant or advisor, provides encouragement and boosts morale.

Personal Leadership Development

Not all training at Mountain States happens in the classroom. Development needs vary for the different leaders throughout the system, and leaders are required to identify their needs and obtain suitable training. The training may include seminars, conferences, continued education, professional partnerships and fellowships, to name a few. At this stage the leaders will be asked to participate in the Mountain States Leadership Academy as a teacher, communicating key developments in line with their professional duties.

For more information on the MSHA Leadership Academy contact Marla Hayman, MSHA Leadership Academy Manager at (423) 431-4917.