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Hiring Managers

Requisition Approvals

When you open a new requisition, it will automatically be routed to the next level approver.  At the time the requisition has been approved, the assigned recruiter will post it on the Web site. If you have difficulty with creating a requisition, please contact your facility Human Resources office for assistance.

Receiving Applications

Once the position has been posted, your assigned recruiter will forward any internal or external applications to you for your review. Good candidates are hard to come by and require timely response and action. Clear communication to your recruiter on your intentions with applicants will strengthen the process.

Changing Requirements

If you wish to revise minimum qualifications or other items on an existing job posting or job description, you must submit a draft job description to HR. HR will review for content change and if necessary, forward for additional review as to appropriate pay grade. Once approved, you will make the necessary changes in the Online Job Description database and notify your facility HR department. HR will then update the master template in our software with any changes. This is done to ensure that job descriptions and job postings stay in sync.

Status Updates

All communication regarding a position or an applicant (e.g., job posting, hiring manager interview results, wish to hire, etc.) will come through Job Science, so both recruiter and manager have up-to-date information about the recruitment status for any given position or applicant.

New Hires

Once the offer of employment for your posted position is made and accepted, the new hire will be scheduled for his or her physical, drug screen and the next available orientation. Computer access and payroll are designed to be available in conjunction with orientation attendance, so it’s important to appropriately coordinate.


Your recruiter will assist with the recommended pay change associated with an internal transfer.  Transfers need to occur within two to four weeks, depending on the job type, after the offer of transfer has been accepted and need to coincide with the beginning of a payroll cycle.