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Time Off Policy at Mountain States Health Alliance

PTO, Jury Duty, Education Leave, Bereavement, Military Leave Policy at Mountain States Health Alliance


If you are a regular or probationary full-time or part-time Team Member who is eligible for benefits, you begin to accrue Paid Time Off (PTO) on your first day of work at Mountain States Health Alliance. Hours accrue each pay period, up to a maximum of 360 hours total. Your current PTO balance is shown on your pay stub once you pass your probationary (introductory) period.
Your PTO is flexible and can be used for just about any type of time you want to take off from work, including:

  • Vacation
  • Personal holiday
  • Short-term illness
  • Caring for an ill family member
  • Dealing with a personal emergency

For all non-emergency absences, make sure to schedule your time off with your supervisor to ensure staffing needs are covered in your absence.

Accrual rates differ by years of service. Please check the appropriate document for your accrual rate.

Mountain States also offers paid leave for Jury Duty and Military Leave. We will make up the difference Team Members may miss out on by serving in these capacities.
For more information about the PTO policy and procedures, you can access the PTO policy by logging onto the intranet and referring to the Policy Manager software for PTO.