JCMC ETSU ScholarshipThe endowment is established by the Johnson City Medical Center Medical Staff to encourage and support students at ETSU who are dependents of those who are physicians who practice or others who are employed or practice as defined specifically herein at the Johnson City Medical Center.  Scholarship begins March, 2014.


The University Scholarship Committee shall consider the following criteria in awarding scholarships. Each applicant must:

  1. be a (a) dependent of a physician who currently holds privileges to practice medicine at the Johnson City Medical Center, or be a (b) dependent of allied health professionals (including, but not limited to, physician’s assistants, nurses, e.g.), or a (c) dependent of any other staff or employees who are employed by Mountain States Health Alliance (MSHA) at the Johnson City Medical Center.  A “dependent” shall be defined for the purposes of this scholarship as an “immediate” family member to include a spouse, child, or step-child, and;
  2. be a full-time undergraduate student currently enrolled and pursuing an undergraduate degree in any academic discipline at ETSU; and
  3. have an overall minimum grade point average of 3.0 of a 4.0 scale for college course work (or the same in the case of entering freshmen applicants for their high school grade point average).


Applications should be submitted to the ETSU University Scholarship Office on or before March 1 annually.


Scholarships shall be awarded by the University Scholarship Committee.  That Committee shall decide the number of scholarships and the value of each, depending on the funds available.  If an award is not made, the funds shall be carried forward to be used the next year or following years.  A scholarship award may be renewed from year-to-year (not to exceed four years of an annual scholarship award) for current recipients provided the Criteria above continue to be met by a current recipient and if that applicant submits an application on or before March 1 annually.