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MSHA Human Resources

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We passionately pursue the healing of the mind, body and spirit as we create a world-class healthcare system.

Mountain States Health Alliance, formed in 1998, is the largest healthcare system in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Our approximately 10,000 team members and associated physicians bring loving care to health care every day in each of our facilities.


MSHA maintains a safe working environment without the presence of illegal drugs or alcohol.  Unlawful use of controlled substances is inconsistent with the behavior expected of  MSHA team members, subjects them and our patients and visitors to unacceptable safety risks, and undermines our ability to operate effectively and efficiently.  Therefore MSHA team members are prohibited from the use, sale, possession, manufacture, or purchase of illegal
drugs or alcohol while at work or while on MSHA premises.  Additionally, team members are not allowed to report
to work while under the influence of illegal drugs, legal drugs improperly used, or alcohol.

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Daisy Award  MSHA HR Annual Report 2012